The challenge at hand was to position a 100% natural whey supplement with
herbal ingredients in a market dominated by high-carb and chemical-laden
international nutritional supplements.

The target consumers were identified as active sporty people of different age groups
who like to be fit and take fitness seriously. Protein supplements are essential in an active
lifestyle – to build and repair muscles.

Proliva was created as the brand name based on the ‘protein’ (Pro) of the natural whey and
the ‘way of life’ (liva) of the target consumers with the brand promise of ‘build a fitter you’.

Striking a fine balance between the serious fitness lifestyle that demands results and an
appetizing feel that the product category lacks was achieved with a contemporary brand
design. This is supported by a well-crafted visual and verbal design template that unifies the
family of multiple products and variants under one brand.