Naturo Food & Fruit Products Pvt. Ltd. which produces a range of pure tropical
fruit-based ready-to-eat healthy snacks, needed to reposition and redefine the brand
in the ready-to-eat snack market.

The new positioning of Naturo clearly defined it as snacks with the goodness of
concentrated nutritional content (nutriment) of pure fruit that people can enjoy
throughout the year.

The design process started with identifying visual and verbal language that can present the
core of the brand in a distinct and compelling way. The brand name is highlighted in white
against a strong green concentrated vignette to represent the natural goodness of the
Naturo products. Visuals of fruits in abundance make the packaging look more appetizing
and help consumers understand that each Naturo bite is truly full of pure fruit.

Today, Naturo stands out on the shelves as a fruitful snack on-the-go.