Café Coffee Day

Amalgamated Bean Company, one of India’s largest coffee producers and exporters,
assigned Kapil the task to strategize, position and create a brand for their expansion
into the ‘Café chain’ segment.

An extensive research was conducted to arrive at who the likely target audience would be.
This pointed to a large need-gap in the 18-28 years, unmarried, largely male segment.
The consumer insight which came through was that this group with dreams and aspirations
needed a suitable place to ‘hang out’ after college or work.

The design direction was clearly laid out. Unlike traditional café norms, a trendy, vibrant,
indoor-outdoor ‘hang-out’ destination with music, TV, message boards, and events
was conceived. The creative team captured the unique positioning and spirit of
the brand in the tag line,“A lot can happen over coffee”. This was taken further into
design philosophy and reflected in menu, internal graphics, packaging, posters
and other forms of communication.