Aurolab, a leading specialist manufacturer of ophthalmic consumables, had been
producing high quality intraocular lens (IOL) based on US technology and marketed
under the Aurovue brand. Despite it being a quality IOL, the brand was losing against
comparable multinational brands in their marketing. A change was needed
to re-establish the brand Aurovue.

The new brand identity positions Aurovue as precision designed for optimal outcomes
and leverages on Aurolab’s established pedigree and knowledge as a specialist in its field.
The new identity captures these aspects and synergizes them as a design in the
shape of an eye to signify the universe of its specialization.
The lens in the middle represents the focus and technological precision.
Lastly, the lens above the “v” in Aurovue stands for the upward vision of the brand
to restore sight to humankind.

New packaging and sales & marketing collaterals for different kinds of IOL with specific
properties were also unified by design and colour palette created for the range.