Kapil Kansal
Designer & Creative Director

The Journey so far...

Graduating at the top of my class from the College of Arts, Delhi, I have worked
at O&M; Davidson Pearce, London; Everest; MAA Bozell; freelanced in
Australia; and Scion. An exciting and joyous journey in creating effective,
highly creative award-winning designs and campaigns together with ambitious
clients and inspiring colleagues

Understanding consumers’ needs, desires, behavior, and motivations is a
strength that I have gathered along the way. I create imagery that speaks and
connects emotionally to contemporary audiences effectively.

An insatiable drive to explore has steered me to focus and help the new Indian
entrepreneur by creating brands for their vision which can grow their business
through strategic designs. Moving with time, new thinking and a global
perspective, I strive to give an edge to every brand I work with.

When I am not working on brands, I travel with a keen eye for trends and
inspiration. I enjoy sketching and exploring natural farming at my
little farm on a hill

Always open to new ideas and challenges.

Let’s talk.